As experienced Caterer and Baristi we want to raise coffee catering to a new level!

We would like to do our part to increase the awareness of high-quality coffee drinks. Whether in private circles, at a business event or at a trade fair catering.

Basically, it behaves in a similar way to wine: there are big differences in the origin, processing and preparation of the coffee fruit – and in the end, quality pays off across the board.

When guests are happy about latte art and the taste is great, coffee becomes a specialty that is fun and connects people.

To show that is our approach and our enthusiasm.


Better Coffee. Better People.


Ein Portrait von Mario Frank


Specialist for Event Catering and Barista.

34 years old and original Munich.
Hobbies are reggae, windsurfing, bouldering and good coffee.

He made coffee in Melbourne … So what?
When you look at the specialty coffee scene, you quickly realize that Melbourne is their cultural hotspot.
The place where coffee machines and fancy equipment are directly related to braces, tattoos and giant beards.
This artwork is called Barista.

And that’s exactly how Mario should become.
Not visually, but with the same ambition.
So the foundation for the coffee passion was laid. And that, through training and work in Melbourne, at a very high level.

Back in Germany and the coffee reality there, the disillusionment quickly came to not find such good coffees.

Time to change that!


Specialist for System Catering and Barista.

34 years old and also original Munich.
Builds his own sound system, wood is his hobby and coffee is his passion.

How are 25 seconds, 18 grams of coffee, 50 milliliters of water and a stopwatch related?

Sebastian has been answering this question almost daily for more than 15 years, when he takes care of the perfect preparation of coffee.
As an active barista he has been dealing with the world of coffee for many years.

But not only professionally, also privately, he pursues the scene, experiments with various coffees and preparation methods and planned together with Mario, a longtime friend, together to start something own.

No sooner said than done.

Portrait von Sebastian Ullmann