The idea is very simple. Best coffee for your event!
Enthusiasts who have specialized in doing just that.
So what happens when “Contains Coffee” hits you? You get coffee that you can experience and discover.
Just as a sommelier understands the wine, so we understand coffee!
We always have beans in our luggage that come from small, artisanal roasting companies – so-called “specialty coffees”.
The high qualities and the gentle roasting preserve the actual coffee taste.
How different coffee tastes from Ethiopia or Brazil is so directly apparent.
That’s why we like having two grinders – to give our guests the choice and to go on a little journey of discovery with us.
Thus, drinking coffee at “Contains Coffee” becomes a new experience, which often leads to philosophical discussions about this supposedly well-known drink.
All other products such as our milk, our sugar, our tea, and even our cups are exclusively in organic quality and thus guarantee once more the highest enjoyment.
Finally, there is the style! No matter which setup you choose – Contains Coffee is always nice to look at!

Our container

The heart of Contains Coffee and namesake of our concept!
Developed in-house with a lot of wood to a warm and inviting coffee bar and equipped with our high quality equipment. Fear of logistics? No problem, the lightweight aluminum construction allows us to pull the container as a trailer by car!
The space requirement is about five meters in depth and four meters in width. You give us a 16A power connection and we give you the best coffee and cool look.

our modular barelements

For a room concept, we have built mobile counter-elements that can be placed wherever the container can not find a place.
We can act in the smallest space or expand on a modular level to a long bar, for example to integrate a beverage bar or more coffee machines!

Your counter, our equipment

You already have an existing bar, an exhibition stand or a room concept that should not be disturbed?
No problem. Of course, our equipment can be integrated into your existing architecture at any time!

Technical requirements

Easy! For the coffee bar all we need is a 16A / 380V power connection (ca.7KW) as well as a water tap and a place to dispose of dirty water.
* In the smaller frame, a domestic line (2x 3KW) can be sufficient as a power supply.
Incidentally, we have a water filter system on our machines to bring the PH value, the hardness and the mineral composition of the water to the optimum for coffee preparation!

Branding, Marketing, etc.

If you book our coffee catering for a corporate event, you should of course have the opportunity to use your branding. Let’s just talk about it! There are various possibilities.

You need more than coffee?

You need cold drinks, maybe a draft beer or a sparkling wine? Goes too! Coffee is certainly our core competence, but as experienced restaurateurs we can do more. >>Have a look around our products! <<