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The main focus of Contains Coffee is on “third wave coffee”, or “specialty coffee”! What does it mean exactly?

* We use beans that only meet the highest quality standards from the raw material to the final product and are handled with the utmost care. Important aspects here are the fair and sustainable direct purchase of the beans, consistent high quality, medium to light roasts and in the end, the correct preparation of the coffee beverage – including, of course, with the coffee art Latte Art.

Similar to wine, coffee is considered a enjoyment. Awareness and appreciation for the nuance-rich taste, diversity of varieties, and the different cultivation regions, as well as the craft of baristas are our priority. Because all the influences of this fruit is exposed on your way, are reflected in a very individual taste image again!

Our own espresso blend “Oldschool Espresso” (100% Arabica) has a medium roast that tastes chocolaty but is still very well balanced. In addition, we have on request bright roasted “Newschool espresso” varieties.

With professional equipment we prepare e.g. espresso, cappuccino and flat white for you! Our coffee drinks are available with whole milk or vegetable milk. Seasonally, the coffee drinks, chai latte or chocolate are also served on ice, just like our Nitro Ice Brew.

Filter coffee – Batch brew

With our BUNN filter coffee machines, we brew modern filter coffee at the highest level. The technology allows us maximum flexibility in coffee extraction for an optimal and consistent cup, despite the large capacity. Selected beans are ground by us shortly before preparation and always brewed fresh locally. This promises unforeseen coffee enjoyment away from the espresso.


We also have something in store for vegans, tea lovers and kids.
Especially popular are our chai latte and the hot chocolate – both are homemade by us. Of course in organic quality.


On request, we offer our coffee specialties cookies, as well as homemade cakes.
For this we use organic eggs and ecologically valuable ingredients.


In the colder months, we expand our product range with a wonderfully warm punch to house recipe – alcohol-free or with a shot.

We also have alcoholic coffee drinks such as Irish Coffee, Lumumba and much more that fits perfectly in our offer.


For champagne reception, beer or wine, long drinks, cocktails such as Aperol Sprizz, Hugo or similar, we extend our coffee bar to a comprehensive drinks bar.


Whether sweet or spicy things, yogurt with fruit, sandwich, salads, wraps, buddha bowl, soup, one pot or finger food … just talk to us. We also do food. Everything is homemade, with a special attention to regional products, preferably in organic quality.